The Nedap Livestock Connect API is only available for third parties upon request. Get in contact with us and register your application. Each registered application is assigned a unique Client ID and Client Secret which are needed to perform API calls.

Exploring the API:

The best way to learn how the Nedap Livestock Connect API can benefit you is to play around with the different API calls on a dummy installation and see what data you can request.

  • Step 1: Request a Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token via the contact form which provides you access to a dummy installation.
  • Step 2: An easy way to start exploring the API is via the API reference page. The API reference page has a structured list of operations and responses. The only thing you need is an Access Token and a browser. Go to API reference for more information about how to test API calls and view their responses.
  • Step 3: Test API calls via curl on the command line. Try out different commands and learn how the API calls should be coded in your application.

Connect your application:

  • Build all API calls required for the features you would like to add in your application.
  • Build the Oauth2 authorization loop in your application to be able to receive Access Tokens from farmers. This makes your Nedap connection available to all farmers who are using your application and a Nedap solution. Read more about the Oauth2 authorization and farmers’ permission in  Get farmers’ permission and in the API Guide.