Nedap offers several data packages for exchanging data from its individual pig management concepts. Get to know the packages here and learn how they can benefit you.

Each data package described below gives you access to one or more API endpoints. If you want to dive deeper into these endpoints, please check the API reference page.

Basic Connections

Basic package which makes it possible to exchange individual animal data from Nedap solutions with other systems.

This package contains the API endpoints:

  • Animals
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Installations
  • Locations

Includes the following datasets:

  • Animals: animal and tag number
  • Calendar: calendar events and parity numbers
  • Groups: (production / week) groups
  • Installations: Serial number, country, software version, timezone and latest synchronization timestamp
  • Locations: Type and number

SowSense Connections

Additional package containing weekly weights of sows in group housing with central separation.

This package contains the API endpoint:

  • Weights
  • Daily feed consumption

Includes the following datasets:

  • Individual sow weights per week
  • Sow weights are available per location
  • Daily sow feed consumption
  • Daily feed consumption per location

PorkSense Connections

Additional package containing average pig weights of sorting stations.

This package contains the API endpoint:

  • Sorting

Includes the following datasets:

  • Daily average weights per sorting exit
  • Average growth per sorting exit
  • Total number of animals per sorting station

ProSense Connections

Additional package containing raw unprocessed data of Pig Performance stations. With each visit to the Pig Performance station a precise measurement is made of the animal’s weight and the feed intake is recorded.

This package contains the API endpoint:

  • Pig Performance Testing

Includes the following datasets:

  • Individual pig weights per visit
  • Individual feed intake per visit
  • Time and duration of individual visits
  • Supply date and weight of individual pigs
  • Data available per location

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