Once you have explored the API as described in Exploring the API, you are ready to integrate the API connection into your own application.

Data of Nedap Livestock solutions will only be shared if the farmer has given his/her permission, therefore your application need to support the OAuth2 protocol. The OAuth2 protocol requires you to build a link in your web application that can redirect the farmer to the Nedap Business Insight page where he/she can safely login and grant permission to your application to access their Nedap Livestock solution.

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How can farmers give permission to access data?

A farmer can control what data of his/her Nedap Livestock solution is shared with who via the Nedap Business Insight portal. To do this, the farmer has to create a Business Insight acocunt and link it to his/her Nedap Livestock solution by following the three steps below.

Step 1:

The farmer needs to create a Business Insight account.

Go to Nedap Business Insight

Step 2:

The farmer needs to connect the Nedap Livestock system to the farmer’s BI-account by adding the BI-account in the Nedap Livestock installation software under Settings and Users.

Step 3:

After completing these steps, the farmer can give permission to third parties to use the Nedap Livestock Connect API once a third party has implemented the authorization flow as described in the Authorization  section.